By: Joel v.d. Reijden | Date: November 16, 2019 | Last update: May 20, 2023


  1. Notice
  2. Summary

  3. The experiment
  4. Why?
  5. "In love", or "love"?
  6. Pre-marriage percentage: 72-76%
  7. Trying to break the post-marriage 100% pattern
  8. CPU-crunching the 1 in 100,000: 23 years in 1 minute
  9. 1 in 100,000? 1 in a million?


This is not a romantic love story. As a guy, I get *super*-unbelievably uncomfortable talking about feelings of "love" and most things spiritual. What you see below is a factual story. A research story. A mystery-that-has-to-be-discussed story. I created Cult of Cupid out of sheer necessity, but I *hate* the sensitivity attached to it. It's even worse with having to discuss this story. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of mystery that one day needs discussing...


In late July 2008 I, the creator of this little side-project called Cult of Cupid, did an existing numerology-based "attraction experiment" to find "perfect love" and someone with maximum numerological compatibility. Not because I felt I was ready for it, but simply out of curiosity.

Well, starting 10 days later all of a sudden I'm being preyed upon by a still-two-weeks-underage Dutch Megan Fox wearing porn-pink thongs far above her booty and knee-high leather boots - who melts me through the floor with a radiating belt of both sexual and "heart" energy like never before.

The girl is called Cathy. Let's call her Cathy Fox here, also considering her favorite actress happens to be Megan Fox. I very much dislike mentioning a cliche as Megan Fox, but the parallels and, dare I say, connections, are there.

Now, for those not having yet reached kink level 10, as learned later, Cathy wasn't underage at all. Not by law at least. Most of the guys around at the time, including myself (apart, slightly, from the good-looking ex-DJ who banged 250+ girls), just assumed that anything under 18 can get you in trouble, or at least is morally dubious that *really* shouldn't be talked about. Be that as it may, the age of consent here, and in most western countries, is 16. The fact that everybody thought and looked at her as underage just adds to the ridiculousness of the scene - almost all of which is private.

Primarily important here is the following coincidence: Cathy happens to be one of about one or two dozen (attractive) girls in my age range on the entirety of the Dutch population of 17 million... that I can have a 15 out of 15, 100% numerological "natural match" with...

... just like I requested rather specifically 10 days earlier.

So, there's your "Matrix Mystery" - in summary. For proof, scroll a little lower.


A lot of strangeness has followed it since, but do I recommend readers go try it out for themselves?

Maybe, but be careful what you wish for. You may not only get what you want... but also what forces you to grow the fastest - and in particular for a man maybe in ways that are very "irrational", "emotional" and "non-sensical". It might be much more than you can handle.

In my case, I set myself up for the most interesting, mindblowing, international... hardcore, torturous, neverending BDSM game. No "safe words", just endless "punishment" for being a "truth seeker" with a variety of projects that are impossible to make money with - but which I will keep doing because no one else does a proper job.

The reader might think I'm joking: "Haha! You're so funny!" No! Don't say I didn't warn you when the "DF" / "DBW" knocks on your door and starts flaying you alive for "not working for *them*", for "upsetting it", or for not "pleasing" it enough.

You have been warned. Play matrix games. Experience matrix adventures.




As discussed in the FAQ, after initially laughing it off, I first became intrigued by numerology in January 2006. It took 2.5 years for mystery surrounding numerology's accuracy (only with regard to personalities) to turn into a full-blown enigma.

Why? Take a look at the screenshot on the right. The left column? Those are my numbers. The right column? That's Megan Fox.

Well, my Megan Fox - although "my" should be interpreted rather loosely in this case. We're talking here about "a Megan Fox" who appeared 10 days after I set a strong intent to meet the perfect love: someone very attractive, but also someone I would actually love.

The girl's name is Cathy. Let's call her Cathy Fox.

The "attraction experiment" I did is described by Glynis McCants in her 2005 book Glynis Has Your Number. It wants you to focus on the number 2 while strongly expressing a desire to meet the perfect love. I modified the experiment a little to give it maximum intensity, but essentially this is what the whole experiment came down to. It's very simple.

Fact is, 10 days later a tear in the matrix occurred and the afore-mentioned person, Cathy, came stepping through: a porn-pink thong-wearing teenage biker girl.

As will be discussed a bit more later on, Cathy was quite over the top in terms of looks, behavior and the sexual and "hearthy" "energy" she was projecting around - particularly with regard to yours truly.

For now, I recommend readers look at the chart, do a little testing of their own in trying to get anywhere close to 100%, and then - purely numerologically - let the strangeness of the situation sink in.


Why do this experiment? There are the obvious reasons: it's interesting, it's fun, the foresight of amazing sex, a relationship, stability, "magic", etc.

There were practical reasons as well for doing this experiment. I wanted to test the "vibe" aspect of my in-development compatibility percentage system (implemented almost a decade later on this site), so I very specifically "requested" a person who would be maximally numerologically compatible, preferably 100%.

At that point, also by looking back, I had already experienced a few mid 80s to 90%-ish situations and those were all unusually smooth or intense, so I was wondering what 100% would do.

Equally important was my rather intense desire to experience a "matrix-style" mystery that, for once, I could put a statistical number on.


Another very important reason for doing the experiment was that I had never felt love, at least not of the intensity you find all the time in books and movies.

Fact is, I can fall in love with ten girls a day, have a wonderful time, care about them, get attached, marry, and, if I were a billionaire, have babies with all of them. All girls really have do is look pretty and be nice. If girls are really beautiful and really exotic-looking, the latter doesn't even matter; I'll be there to serve 'em or save 'em no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Sorry, I'm a guy. Just because I can string a few sentences together, doesn't mean I have very basic wiring. I can't help it being this way. And let's face it, it's no different for women. Anyone remember the word "groupie"? Or remember how popular Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) was? Despite all the negative reviews in the media? There are a lot of bad, bad girls around.

However, caring deeply about someone, or being "in love", is not the same as feeling "unconditional love". At least, that's what I surmised. Hence, the experiment. I felt something was missing.

And boy, did I get what I wanted. I ended up with a girl whose basic behavior, humor, etc. I don't appreciate the slightest. Though she's very pretty, far above average, she's certainly not the prettiest girl I've been with or interacted with. Yet... the heart and sexual energy was just off the charts from the first second.

The sexual attraction was so extreme actually that she's the only girl - ever - who could make me cum just through eye contact and talking alone. On top of that, if anyone voiced even the slightest criticism of her, it was like someone reached into my chest and started squeezing my heart.

We can discuss elements of this type of "vibe" all day, but the fact is that this "coming together" was absolute craziness. And at the time I had no clue about the 100% lying in wait...


Numerology compatibility between two individuals.
All the extra numbers are "natural match" both before and after.

Now, before I write anything else: the 100%-compatibility numbers readers could see at the beginning of this article have never actually existed. They only appear when I and Cathy are to be married, a not particularly likely scenario. For over a decade at this point, the real numbers between us can be seen on the right.

The Soul Urge and certainly Power Name numbers are very influential ones on the personality. Taken together, they probably match the influence of the dominant Life Path number.

Initially, the compatibility here was a quite functional 72%. Because all the latter-added Extra Numbers already were, enigmatically, "natural matches", the eventual pre-marriage percentage ended up becoming a very decent 76%.


Because of these very serious and very obvious compatibility differences between Cathy and I, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary - purely numerology-speaking - for almost two years.

Girl gives away (with indirect permission) over one billion dollar in intellectual property, with neither of us financially benefiting. Girl loves to use the Justice Department as her own personal SM torture center - because whenever her words are proved untrue (all of them) in this "modern, feminist" society, the evidence just disappears into a big black hole with even superior court lawyers running for their lives rather than cause political scandals. Rest assured, the New York Times will NEVER touch this story - unless forced to.

I had already noticed how "vibes" improve the higher the numerological compatibility is (to the point it becomes possible to predict numbers quite accurately), so for all this time the attraction between us actually kind of stumped me, because we really weren't that compatible at 72-76%.

Then, I started running tests to see to what extent numbers change when persons get married. In addition, Cathy was kind enough to provide me with her full birth name.

Coincidence or not, the majority of couples and potential couples I tested went down in compatibility after marriage, or roughly remained around the same level. With my little "matrix anomaly", however - Cathy - we shot up from an ordinarily very comfortable 72-76% to a full-blown 100%.

Still, the hypothetical post-marriage-100% here was based on the most important 7 numbers in numerology, and with that seems to have a chance of 1 in 1,200 for singles and about 1 in 450 for married couples. That's totally amazing, but it gets crazier.

Only the three destiny numbers based on the full birth name are left to prove. That won't be an issue.

In an effort to try and break the pattern of "natural matches", the amount of numbers to check for the model-in-development was soon expanded to 15, all but the last three based on methods different numerologists through time have used. Shockingly, I failed to break the pattern: all 15 numbers between a married Cathy and I turned out to be "natural match". It was an utterly shocking discovery. Change one letter or one number anywhere in one of our names, and everything falls apart.

I continued to try and break the pattern. So I (hypothetically) took on Cathy's last name. Result? Still 100%, which only is a 1 in 3 chance. It seemed utterly impossible to break the 100% "natural match".

At that point the unusually strong attraction started making sense again - yet reality went out the window at the same time, and never came back.

To make sure readers are getting the point:

  • I didn't invent the methods of calculation of the first 12 of these 15 numbers. They already existed for decades.

  • The 3 additional numbers were the first and most natural to add after I had run out of "natural matches" to check.

  • I didn't invent the compatibility system. It was created by Glynis McCants and in existence for several years at that point.

  • I didn't invent the experiment of setting intent to find the perfect love. This also was invented by McCants (or someone she took it from) and existed for several years. I only modified it slightly.


Despite rough calculations and limited simulations already indicating a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting a 100% match, it wasn't until a simulation ran on November 13, 2019 that finally quite convincingly put a number on the chance of this 100%-compatibility anomaly happening, at least when it involves the same last name (marriage). This test involved 1,036 real-life, prominent people, giving us 536,130 possible match-ups.

Gathering so many names took a while, but the actual calculations were done in just over a minute. By hand? An experienced person who can calculate 4 matches per hour, working 16 hours a day without ever having a break, would be able to finish these calculations by hand in 23 years.

Cult of Cupid group calculations.

So, how often was the 100% compatibility reached in this test, consisting of 536,130 possibilities? That would be... not a single time. 99%, however, was found 12 times. And 98% 82 times. This makes it likely that a 100% match occurs somewhere around the neighborhood of 1 in 700,000. But further tests would have to be done to confirm.

In any case, next I changed all last names to my own, this to simulate the situation between Cathy and I. With Cathy excluded from the test, I was able to find the 100%-compatibility four more times. That means a chance of this happening of: 536,130 / 4 = 1 in 134,032, or 0.000746%. To be slightly more realistic, it's probably better to do 536,130 / 5 = 1 in 107,226, or 0.00093%. Why? To keep on the safe side of the margin, and also to keep in mind that every 700,000 or so it's possible to get a 100%-compatibility pre-marriage.

Mind you, this test almost exclusively involved American names, where the overwhelming majority of people have a middle name, or a shortened call name. In Europe and other places this very often is not the case, upping the chances of a 100% match. By how much? Time will tell, but it's unlikely to be less than 1 in 35,000 (with the same last name as well).

That having been said, Cathy here has a middle name and on top of that a call name that differs from her first birth name. Hence, the test is as close as possible to the reality between us.

1 IN 100,000? 1 IN A MILLION?

What follows is a number of points to consider regarding the real chance of me having run into Cathy:

  • There's only a basic chance of 1 in 100,000 of meeting a person with this level of compatibility (assuming most have a middle name). As the reader can see above, Cult of Cupid has been double-checking its calculated probabilities in a very extensive manner.

  • Looking at a Dutch population of roughly 17 million at the time, there are likely to be found an average of 130 individuals with whom I'd have a 1 in 130,000 match - post marriage.

    (I'm ignoring the comparative lack of middle names in this country compared to the United States, because Cathy does have one and the main readership here is American)

  • If we include the harder-to-find pre-marriage-100%, estimated here to stand around 1 in 700,000, we would have to add 24 individuals on top of the 130, giving us a total of 154 Dutch individuals for me to have a 100% match with.

    To make additionally clear: this is how many I, or any one person, individually, can have such a match with. We're not talking about 154 x 17 million, the total amount of 100%s we would find in Dutch society.

  • Of those 154 individuals, half of them will be men, and therefore an unsuitable love interest (in my case). That leaves us with 77 Dutch women and girls to have a 100% match with.

  • Looking at Dutch demographics, of the 77 Dutch women and girls left, about 75% is more than 12 years older or younger, and therefore unlikely to be a serious love interest. That leaves us with a pool of 19 Dutch women and girls of acceptable age to have a 100% match with.

  • Of these 19 left, let's take off half - at this relatively young age spanning from the upper teens to upper 30s - that I would not consider attractive enough to be a partner. That leaves us with roughly 10 Dutch women and girls of acceptable age and attractiveness to have a 100% match with.

  • So we're down to 10 girls on a population of 17 million, making the chance 1 in 1.7 million. Or, if I only check women: a chance of 1 in 850,000.

We can contemplate further:

  • I would love to see the 10 remaining girls, because there's a very good chance that the girl I met, Cathy, I would be the most sexually attracted to: very tight figure, very pretty, very porn-like, and very bitchy.

    To summarize, how many of the 9 remaining ones would be 18-year-old biker chicks walking around with porn-pink strings far above their tightly-fitted jeans? In other words: How many would classify as "every man's dream"? Both in the "love" and "wet" department?

  • I personally was in a situation in which the ratio of attractive girls to unattractive women and men was about 1 to 60. I wasn't going to college at the time and wasn't visiting any bars or clubs, certainly not during those 10 days. Fact is, I actually met her in the most unlikely place imaginable.

  • I'm the person who created Cult of Cupid and pushed the state of numerology a few decades ahead at the very least. Am I not? I'm not sure if I would have developed things as far as I have without this anomaly. It's certainly bizarre that this coincidence happened to me, not to mention running into a crack programmer who helped me put everything together free of charge. Divine influence at work? That would be so cool.

  • Whether or not they only occur this intense at the 100% mark or not, there are the emotions to contemplate. My heart is either radiating like a flower or it's being squeezed like a ripe lemon based on how well Cathy is doing and to what extent I have something to do with that. That certainly has never happened before.

  • The timing: I set out the specific intent to find a 100% match literally 10 days before Cathy came into my life. In fact, she's the second girl whose numbers I checked, with among her first words basically being, "I'll be 18 in two weeks! On Wednesday!"

  • For the first time ever, I feel like prey... In fact, she's ogling me as I turn my head and notice her the first time.

  • There was something else very, very strange about this girl: any advice or correction in behavior I ever tried to give, however rational, backfired in ways that made sure I never attempt to do so again. It was like the hammer of God hitting me on the head every single time I tried. "Let me help you out here." *Wham!* "Can you please just do what you're supposed to do?" *Wham!* "Can you please not make me so openly jealous?" *Wham!* "Can you please not try to blackmail me?" *Wham!*

    There have actually been very interesting lessons here, but such a thing has never happened before or since.

  • We can go on with other anomalies, but the odds of this happening are quite staggering.

True, people win the lottery all the time, but somehow I suspect that something more anomalous happened in 2008.