Date of birth:
How to read "IJ":
Date of birth:
How to read "IJ":
  1. Nickname: "Hi, my name is..." The name you introduce yourself with and everyone knows you by. For example: Tom Cruise fills in the name "Tom", because no one knows him by his real name, "Thomas", and he never introduces himself this way.

  2. Last name: Usually rather straightforward. Just in case: don't include middle names! Daniel Ryan Cormier would simply fill in "Cormier". For the aristocrats among us with lengthy last names, fill in the name you always introduce yourself with.

    As a rule, a suffix as Jr. is not broken down. However, if everybody knows you by that suffix and/or you introduce yourself with it, this rule may not apply (Robert Downey, Jr. comes to mind as a possible example).

    And yes, for women the name changes with marriage.

  3. Full Birth Name: See birth certificate. If you do not know what the birth name of the other person is, you'll have to guess or fill in the nickname plus last name. On average you can expect a 2 to 4 percent deviation compared to the correct birth name. The maximum deviation with the present algorithm is 6 percent, but it's generally less than this, but it's generally less than this, 1-3 percent or so.

    If you are blessed with the suffix II, III, or IV and it appears on your birth certificate, you can add aa, aaa, or aaaa behind your full birth name (NOT the last name). These count as 1s and will properly display the Destiny Number, which is the most important. Do the II, III, and IV have to be added to the Destiny Soul or Destiny Persona? I really don't know. If you like to experiment with it, the vowel a counts as 1 and will add them to the Soul, while the consonant s, which also counts as 1, will add them to Destiny Persona.

  4. The Dutch "IJ" is traditionally interpreted as a "Y". While this seems to be the most accurate, I suspect that I + J also has an influence. With this build-in option anyone can quickly calculate (primarily) the influential Power Name number in two different ways and maybe gain a little additional insight. Feedback on this is welcomed.

  5. Background color: If the background in printing is black, move to a browser with light theme on.

  6. Numerology is all about the vibe you get from someone else. You need to shut off the intellect and simply feel. How does that person make you feel when you are around them? You can be best friends, but still feel that you're always on completely different wavelengths. If you understand which numbers are natural match, compatible and challenge, it's perfectly possible to predict people's numbers before actually calculating them.

  7. Accuracy: Test this algoritm as much as you want. You'll find the calculations 100 percent accurate and reliable.