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The Erotes from ancient Greek mythology revolve around Eros (Cupid) and Aphrodite (Venus), respectively the god and goddess of beauty, love, hetero and homosexual sex, romance, and anything related to it.

The brothers of Eros - Anteros, Himeros and Pothos - also belong to the Erotes and represent various overlapping aspects of love: desire, rejection, absence, jealousy, retribution, etc.

While Eros was originally described by poets as Hesiod (700 B.C.) as a primordial god who created mankind, he and his brothers were later seen as the sons of love goddess Aphrodite (Venus) and god of war Ares (Mars). While Ares did not have any affiliation with the concept of love, it can be argued that he is an embodiment of untamed and very physical male sexual energy, with Aphrodite representing his more sensitive female counterpart.

The most closely related gods to the Erotes are Apollo and Dionysus (Bacchus), who respectively stand for artistry and partying. Apollo is linked to male beauty, music, poetry, and sunlight. Dionysus is primarily affiliated with excesses involving wine, food, trance states, theater, and sex. Of course, alongside the physical attraction represented by Aphrodite and Ares, artistry and partying can also be considered aphrodisiacs.

Keep in mind that anyone is quite free to interpret the ancient Greek myths as they see fit, as they're just archetypes and symbolic representations of various aspects of nature and man. In the Cult of Cupid universe deities as Venus and Aphrodite are seen as separate goddesses. We can even throw the Egyptian Hathor or Babylonian Astarte in the mix.

In the Cult of Cupid Apollo and certainly Dionysus are also considered part of the Erotes, more so even than Ares. The close link between Dionysus and the Erotes arguably already existed in ancient Greece. Pothos, for example, was regularly depicted holding vine twigs or a wreath of vines similar to Dionysus, indicating he liked a good party.