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Welcome to the Cult of Cupid, the most unique and advanced numerology calculator in the world that puts the "field" of numerology miles ahead of where it stood before. Cult of Cupid allows you to - very in-depth - analyze yourself, a lover, couples and even large groups involving many dozens of partners, friends, classmates, or colleagues along the lines of numerology.

But wait, what is numerology? Basically, instead of having you yourself, a friend, or a psychologist determine what your character is based on a cognitive and analytical process, numerology looks at your date of birth, name and full birth name to determine your "soul-given", innate character traits and, certainly today, how you are able to "vibe" with those around you. It's like a tool provided to us by the universe to help steer us into the right direction. It's not too specific, but certainly also not too vague.

Is numerology superstition? Well, the tactical answer would be, "Figure it out for yourself. That's what this site is for." On a personal note, for well over a decade now I regularly put numerology to the test, if only by making the odd prediction from podcasts and television interviews because various behavior traits and "vibes" stick out to me. It just works, shockingly so.

So on a personal level, there's no other conclusion to reach. I will happily admit it on live TV in a room full of politicians and Ph.D. scientists, only to doze off and fall asleep amidst howls of ridicule and laughter. It's just silly to conclude anything else or even try to convince anyone - on a personal level. The matrix is real. And I stopped caring. The additional 1 in 100,000 mystery, despite very uncomfortable to talk about, greatly adds to that mindset.

Mind you, numerology also only works with behavior and relationships. Forget about all the disinformative 'Illuminati' and 'conspiracy' numerology stuff, or numerological analyses of the year, your town or street name, or house number. Forget about all that. The author has tested it, just for the heck of it, and never noticed the slightest correlation with any of it. Very different from dates of birth, names and relationships.

Now, in case you're skeptical, and for good reason, the upside is that numerology is fun to try out. Even if - God forbid - it doesn't work, trying it out can still be helpful. It will get people to analyze themselves, think about their behavior, and how they come across to others. No harm done. You can leave "the cult" at any time you please.

However, you may just be very surprised about the results of your own self-analysis. Or about the fact how much more natural and easy-going relationships are in which individuals have a very high degree of numerological compatibility.

In other words, just give numerology a try. Analyze yourself, analyze your friends, look at the compatibility between all of you, and go to the FAQ and manual if you're looking for additional information.

Above all, remember to have fun.

Of course, quite likely there are a good number of scientists and skeptics among us who will not be able to appreciate the "fun" aspect of numerology. Every woo-woo supermodel does seem to get intrigued directly or indirectly, so I guess that lessens the "pain" of not being "accepted by science" - but in any case I will happily invite these skeptics and scientists to set up their own scientific experiments, because the tools Cult of Cupid offers are perfect for that. In fact, they were designed to make scientific analyses so much more easy to carry out - as well as accessible and verifiable for everybody.

So go use these tools. Test numerology all you like. My personal favorite would be to just cram a group of people with extremely high compatibility into a house and down the street do the same with people who have the most impossibly incompatible numbers. Should make for great television and, with the right questions asked, should lead soon enough to statistically significant variations. Or maybe not. Let's see.

Obviously, the Cult of Cupid really does terrible as a cult. It prefers its members to think for themselves and help improve the information on this website. More than a few unknowns exist in numerology, which can only be figured out by generating a large amount of sampling data and having people describe their experiences and observations. Hence, feedback is always welcome.