By: Eros | Date: June 13, 2017 | Summary

The left column in the picture below? Those are my numbers. The right column? That's Megan Fox. Well, my Megan Fox - although "my" should be interpreted rather loosely in this case. We're talking about a Megan Fox who appeared 10 days after I set a strong intent to meet the perfect love: someone very attractive, but also someone I would actually love.

Look at the chart, maybe do a little testing of your own, and let the strangeness of the situation sink in.

Why do this experiment? You mean, apart from the obvious? Well, because I had never felt love, at least not of the intensity you see described in books and movies all the time. I can fall in love with ten girls a day, have a wonderful time, care about them, get attached to them, marry them, and, if I were a billionaire, have babies with all of them. All they really have do is look pretty and be nice. If they're really beautiful and really exotic-looking, the latter doesn't even matter; I'll be there to serve 'em or save 'em no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Sorry, I'm a guy. Just because I can string a few sentences together, doesn't mean I have very basic wiring. I can't help it being this way. However, caring deeply about someone or being "in love" is not the same as feeling "unconditional love" for someone. At least, that's what I surmised. Hence, the experiment. I felt something was missing.

There were practical reasons as well. I wanted to test the "vibe" aspect of my in-development compatibility percentage system (implemented almost a decade later on this site), so I very specifically "requested" a person who would be maximally numerologically compatible, preferably 100%. I've experienced a few 90%-ish situations and those were all very intense, so I was wondering what 100% would do. Equally important was my rather intense desire to experience a matrix-style mystery that, for once, I could put a statistical number on.

So, I did the attraction experiment, as described by Glynis McCants in her 2005 book Glynis Has Your Number, where she wants you to focus on the number 2 while strongly expressing a desire to meet the perfect love. I modified the experiment a little to give it maximum intensity, but essentially this is what the whole experiment came down to.

10 days later a tear in the matrix occurred and the afore-mentioned person came stepping through.

Now, before I write anything else: the above numbers don't actually exist. They are hypothetical and part of the 1 in 40,000 category. These have been our real numbers:

Numerology compatibility between two individuals.
All the extra numbers are "natural match" both before and after.

Because of these very severe and very obvious compatibility differences I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary numerology-wise for almost two years, at which point I was running tests to see to what extent numbers change when persons get married.

The majority of couples and potential couples I tested went down in compatibility with marriage or roughly remained around the same level. With my little matrix anomaly, however, we shot up from a barely functional 72% to a full 100%. This was still based on the most important 7 numbers, and with that seems to have a chance of 1 in 1,200 for singles and about 1 in 450 for married couples. Totally amazing, but it gets crazier.

In an effort to try and break the pattern of "natural matches", the amount of numbers to check was soon expanded to 15. I failed: all 15 numbers turned out to be "natural match". It was an utterly shocking discovery. Change one letter or one number anywhere in one name, and everything falls apart.

To make sure readers are getting the point:

  • I didn't invent the methods of calculation of the first 12 of these 15 numbers. They already existed for decades.

  • The 3 additional numbers were the first and most natural to add after I had run out of "natural matches" to check.

  • I didn't invent the compatibility system. It was created by Glynis McCants and in existence for several years at that point.

  • I didn't invent the experiment of setting intent to find the perfect love. This also was invented by McCants (or someone she took it from) and existed for several years. I only modified it slightly.

Cult of Cupid group calculations.

Equally important points include:

  • There's only a basic chance of 1 in 40,000 of meeting a person with this level of compatibility. As the reader can see above, Cult of Cupid has been double-checking its calculated probabilities (with my name as last name).

  • Exclude people from the same sex and meeting a 100% match of this kind is a chance of 1 in 80,000.

  • Exclude the 85% of the opposite sex within the population that is about 12 years or more older or younger and therefore unlikely to be a love interest (at least, in my case) and the amount of candidates within the Dutch population of 17 million shrinks from 213 suitable candidates to just 32. That's 1 in 530,000 people or 1 in 265,000 women.

  • Exclude remaining individuals who you're not physically attracted to for whatever reason and you're lucky to be left with 20 suitable candidates on a population of 17 million. That's 1 in 850,000 people or 1 in 425,000 women. Add the 4 or so 100% "natural matches" before marriage that fall into your age category and you're still at 1 in 700,000 people or 1 in 350,000 women.

  • I was in a situation in which the ratio of attractive girls to unattractive women and men was about 1 to 100 or more. I wasn't going to college at the time and wasn't going out, certainly not during those 10 days. I actually met her in the most unlikely place imaginable.

  • I'm the guy who created Cult of Cupid and pushed the state of numerology a few decades ahead at the very least, am I not? I'm not sure if I would have developed things as far as I have without this anomaly. It's certainly bizarre that this coincidence happened to me, not to mention running into a crack programmer who helped me put everything together free of charge. Divine influence at work? That would be so cool.

Then there are other, more personal coincidences to consider with regard to this person walking into my life. These include:

  • She's a mix of Mexican, American and Native Indian genes, and holds the middle between Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body and a From Dusk 'Till Dawn's Salma Hayek. Her behavior also happens to be not unlike these on-screen personas, with Megan Fox being her idol.

  • For the first time ever, I feel like prey... In fact, she's oogling me as I turn my head and notice her the first time. I continue to feel prey to this day, with one razorblade on my balls and another on my heart. She enjoys torture way too much.

  • She's protected by a dragon-like primal force. I tried protesting, but I just wake up screaming from giant serpents and dragons haunting me and demanding I should drop everything and submit. This is not fair.

  • My heart is either radiating like a flower or it's being squeezed like a ripe lemon based on how well she's doing and to what extent I have something to do with that. That certainly has never happened before, but I guess that's what I asked for. Literally, 10 days before she came into my life.

  • Wait a minute, I only did... She said what?!

Well, this is enough for now, and maybe this is enough forever. But rest assured that whole books can be written here. If one of us gets famous, they may just get written some day.


To summarize, I did an existing numerology-based "attraction experiment" to find "perfect love" and someone with maximum numerological compatibility. 10 days later I'm being preyed upon by a still two weeks underage Dutch Megan Fox wearing pink strings and knee-high leather boots who melts me through the floor with radiating belt of both sexual and heart energy. Coincidentally, she happens to be one of about two dozen girls in my age range in the entirety of the Netherlands with whom I have the possibility of a 15 out of 15, 100% numerological "natural match" - just like I requested 10 days earlier.

So, there's your "Matrix Mystery".

Go try it out for yourselves. It's fun! *thumbs up* Yeeh!